Monday, October 28, 2013


Nothing from the H & M for a change. I was planning on going to Utrecht, but there was quite a storm going on in the Netherlands and the trains stopped riding. So I couldn't go. I did visit the stores in my village, because my mother had to do groceries shopping and of course I had to visit a couple of stores. My village isn't that big and doesn't have that many fashion stores. Nevertheless, I usually pick up some nice new items. As I did today!

There is no H & M in my village and that's very good for my wallet. Other wise I would probably go there every week. However, there is a C & A, Vero Moda and recently a new fashion store opened its doors: Takko Fashion. I've never heard of the store before, but it's kinda like the Primark only way smaller. But you can buy cheap clothes there. The collection sometimes reminds me of the H & M Divided collection or clothes from the Primark. A lot of the items are not my taste, but some are, like this sweater! It was only 9,95 euros. A new striped sweater for a very nice price. Plus, I don't have enough striped sweater (*coughs*).

I also bought this lovely black blouse for only 14,95 euros. I didn't own a black blouse with long sleeves, so I really needed one. Plus, I like the buttons. They make the blouse a little bit more edgy than just a regular black blouse. 


A weird pose, but I wanted to show the buttons.


  1. I love the black shirt with metal buttons, the metal buttons is just a great functional accessories!

    1. Thank you! Yes the buttons make the blouse more unique =)