Monday, October 7, 2013


H & M decided I needed to order something again and that's why they thought they needed to put new articles online. Well, they were right! I ordered two new tops while I'm still waiting on this order and I'm still waiting on this lovely blouse as well, but H & M already warned me about the delivery date and said it might come mid November.

It was 10 euros and I was surprised it wasn't sold out. It looks wide but the color is amazing (I hope!). The T-shirt still isn't very popular. Did everybody already ordered this one and send it back because it was so disappointing or so? It used to be 14,95 euros.

This top looks really great with the details on top. The top in grey was sold out, but this shirt wasn't popular at all. Strange, because I think the color looks really good. This top was on sale as well, for only 12 euros. The price was 19,95 euros at first.

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