Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I went to a thrift shop again today. It has been quite a while. I went to a thrift shop in January and I went to the same one today. This time I saw a lot of coats, which made me happy since I love coats. It can be a challenge to go through the items. Which look good, which don't? Are there any clothes I would like to wear? Sometimes you find something you like and sometimes you don't. I succeeded, just like the last time.

I bought this blazer at the thrift shop. It's vintage H & M. The blazer is slightly tailored. It's a little bit wider at the sleeves. So I can wear it in the winter with a sweater or a blouse. The price of the blazer at the thrift shop was € 6,50.


The color of this coat is even better in real life. The coat was from Steps. I tried on different coats, but this one was my favorite. The color is bright, but not too bright. I love the fact that it's not the typical winter color like grey or black. Not that I hate those colors. But sometimes the color of clothes in the winter can be quite boring. I like to spice it up every other day. The price of this coat in the thrift shop was € 18,50. Though I'm sure this coat was more expensive originally, since Steps can be quite expensive.

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