Friday, March 21, 2014


I went shopping today! Woohoo! I was so happy after my shopping spree. I will make better pictures of the items I bought, but I just wanted to show you these pictures made with my new Samsung Galaxy S4. Which is an amazing smartphone btw. That aside, my shopping spree was quite successful. Of course I only succeeded at H & M. As usual!

Baby blue T-shirt with lace € 9,95


The baby blue version in blue. This way you can see the T-shirt a little bit better.


 I bought this light tregging for € 14,95 which was also on my wishlist. It's so comfy! I already own two (one for backup) dark jeans treggings from the H & M as well. I also own a polkadot tregging from the H & M. The top is € 9,95 and I wanted to try the black & white one, but that wasn't available in my size. The blue one was a size too big as well, even though it's supposed to be big.

And that's not the only tregging I bought today! I also got this one, also € 14,95. And another item from my wishlist, the kinomo! The kimono was € 19,95. The white top was € 24,95. I realize the combination of these items aren't really successful but by trying on several items at once, I'm a lot faster. Which my mom and sisters always really appreciate. These were the things I bought.


I can't find this blazer online, but it was really nice. But it was € 34,95 and I already had some items. So alas, no new blazer. It reminded me of this another blazer (which I really wanted to buy as well) from H & M. Which was also white with faux leather sleeves. As you can see there are some subtle differences, but they really look alike. Both blazers are amazing, so I really can't blame the H & M. The 'old' blazer was also € 34,95.

 I was really questioning which tregging to buy, the one with the hearts or this one with flowers. I decided to go for the one with the hearts, but I really love this one as well. The price is € 14,95.

While it's on my wishlist, I didn't buy it. I already picked too many items I wanted to buy. € 39,95 was the price.


 These sweatpants were so comfy, but I don't think I would be comfortable wearing it on the street. These ridiculous comfy pants cost € 19,95.


I was searching for the pants on my wishlist, but couldn't find it. I did find this one, which was really loose but so comfy. It was € 19,95 and I almost bought it, but then I tried on the two treggings so it would be too much buying another pants.

I also went to C & A, but didn't buy anything.

This coat is from C & A and was € 39,95. The color looked a bit bleak, almost like it had seen the inside of the washing machine way too often. But I would really like a dark brown parka for this years fall. But let's focus on this spring first right?

This jacket was € 49,95. Ah yeah jackets, whenever I see a nice one I have at least try it on.


  1. That black and white blazer is awesome, you should have bought it!!! ;) xo

    1. Ah yes but unfortunately I had to choose :(

  2. the lace t-shirt is adorable!:) great finds!♥