Thursday, October 9, 2014

Checkered coat

The coat I was stalking for weeks finally arrived. Well, I didn't stalk the coat itself. I stalked the webpage it was on. I refreshed the C & A webshop so many times during those weeks. But it remained sold out in my size. In most sizes btw. I spotted the coat at Wehkamp, where they sell C & A clothes as well. I was so happy when I saw it was still available. But when I saw the forwarding charges I hesitated. They were € 5,95, which I think is quite expensive. Especially since C & A had no forwarding charges. 


After a few days of moping, my mom said I should just order it. And so I did! I love the coat, especially for fall. It will be too cold for winter. I should stop buying coats now, but I won't. The delivery was very fast, it came the next day. Only disappointing thing about that was that I couldn't cancel the order. Because the day after I ordered this coat, it was again available on the C & A webshop. Funny huh?