Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Wow, a huge jump in the future right? I started with school again like I mentioned before and I’m gonna be very busy. Not a lot of time to shop. Thank god we live in a digital age so you can just order whatever you want online. To support the economy I ordered 3 new pants.

This pants is in the colour mustard, I ordered jeans in this colour at the H & M website last year and I absolutely love it. Unfortunately, I recently noticed the colour started fading. The mustard I bought last year were 29,95 euros I think. The mustard jeans were 19,95 but I got them for 17,95 euros. These aren’t jeans, but stretch pants, they were only 9,95 euros. They’re supposed to be really tight, so I’m curious if I ordered them in the correct size. ‘Cause you never know for sure if pants fit correctly.

Black goes with everything, so I ordered this one as well. I also got 9,90 euros discount. I still had to pay forwarding charges, so technically I only got 4,95 euros discount. Better than nothing I guess! I’m really curious if I will feel comfortable in them. I normally don’t wear leggings or super tight jeans. But you gotta start some time =D!

I couldn’t help my self, I had to order this one as well. It’s superstretchtight and was 19,95 euros on the H & M website. I’ll have to wait for the beginning of October to try this one. Because the pants probably won’t be delivered before next month.

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