Sunday, September 8, 2013


I really do have an shopping addiction right? I’m still waiting on my first order and I already made a new order. I bought the superstrech pants in size 38, because I have a fat ass. Honestly, I love H & M pants because of the size, but damn, I always feel like a fat ass trying them on in stores. It’s like they make the pants for little girls with flat booties and without hips. Since most of us women have hips it’s kinda weird to make pants that fits only girls.

And ugh again I’ll have to wait until forever until the pants will be delivered. It might come in the week of October 21. At least I’ll have my salary again =D! And it might look less bad than having all these items delivered in one time. LOL!

I was never really a fan of treggins, because I prefer pants. Leggings are not pants my friends! But just like the trend with the different sleeves, I’ve changed my mind. Well not completely yet. I first have to try them on.  I ordered the tregging in size 36, because it has to be tight. I hope I can squirm myself into them, because I have to wait until the week of September 23. I won’t be delivered before that. Boo!

When I say these pants, I knew I had to order it. It was only 9,95 euros, so extremely cheap for pants. Plus, I think I already own these pants in two different colors and they fit extremely well. I love them! Both of them were 9,95 euros. I bought the first one at the beginning of the year and the other, which is black, a while ago. If all of these pants fit, I don’t have to buy new one for a long time!

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