Saturday, September 21, 2013

Wishlist - Coats

This is a (wishlist) blog about jacket/coats that I want/like/love. Mostly H & M off course!

 This jacket from Vero Moda is only 39,95 euros and I want it so badly! Haven’t seen it in the stores yet, but when I do I’m gonna try it on. I really want a jacket like this, which I refer a as horse riding jacket. A lot of people who ride horses wear coats like this.

This jacket is on sale right now on the H & M webshop. It’s only 20 euros, I was really tempted to buy it. I’m not gonna, since I finally warmed up to blouse/jacket with different sleeves in a different colour. Yes, late to the party. But since I bought a blouse at the Vero Moda with fake leather sleeves I’ve became very fond off this trend.

So when this coat goes on sale, I think I’m gonna buy it. I love sale and since it bought two coats this summer I’m kinda don’t need a new one. I still want new one off course. It’s currently 39,95 euros (H & M) so it’s not that expensive. Own it.

This coat looks amazing as well and is 49,95 euros (H & M). I think this coat looks edgier and yet more sophisticated than the grey one. The grey one looks a little bit boring in comparing to the black one.

^ The grey one.

Want. 49,95 euros, H & M. A little bit on the pricey side, but I might be tempted to buy it on sale!

This coat looks amazing as well. I normally like long coats for the winter, but this year I’m loving all the short ones! This one costs 39,95 euros at H & M. A nice price for a cute (winter) coat. My sister bought this one in purple. She bought a nice scarf to go with it.  

The H & M webshop says it’s more red but I think it looks more purple than red. I might be colour-blind though.

If it’s 34,95 euros during the sale, I’m gonna buy it. It’s now 69,95 which really isn’t that expensive for a winter coat, but it is when you already have a nice winter coat and 4 fake leather jackets. Though, one leather jacket which I own like since 2009 is looking rough. I noticed that last week and I’m kinda heartbroken, we’ve been through so much! Ah, the circle of clothes. Do I even need to write where this jacket comes from? Okay, H & M.

Cute, but nothing special. The colour is kinda lackluster in my opinion. 49,95 @ H & M.

Y’all, I want this coat so badly! I know I said that about several coats, but I’ve been staring at this one for the past two days. *And secretly adding to my shopping bag only to delete it again.* I’m such a sucker for the military style. Want! It’s 39,95 euros at the H & M webshop. On Monday I tried it on, but I remained strong and left the H & M store without buying it. Gosh, I want this coat so bad.

I love trench coats! I have one in bright red and I’m simply in love with it! I bought the red trench coat in 2012, in the winter even though it’s a coat for the summer. LOL. I’m kinda sad I barely wore the coat this year. ^ This trench looks amazing, very sophisticated and stylish. It’s a bit pricey in my opinion, 49,95 @ H & M. I don’t think the colour would match my skin tone, I would make me too pale. But I still love the coat.

This amazing jacket is from the HEMA, a Dutch store with a lot of stuff. From towels, to clothes, to pastry, to make-up, to adorable Jip & Janneke stuff. It’s 39,95 which isn’t that expensive. I thought about ordering it online, because I unfortunately don’t have the time to go to the store. Boo! But I’m having my eyes fixed on another amazing coat, which is cheaper as well.

This coat needs to be in my possession right now! It’s from the H & M and it’s on sale right now. The only problem is, it’s completely sold out in my size like all the time! But I want to have it so badly. It’s only 25 euros. It used to be 49,95 euros. Own it.

 Apparently Zara had a similar jacket, which was very popular as well. The Zara jacket was a bit more on the pricey side, but that’s the Zara for you. The coat was 79,95 euros and is not available any more. 

I also love the coat in this colour, but I always get really pale in the winter, so you probably end up seeing only the sleeves and something that must be wearing them, but you can’t see the person, because I would completely disappear due to paleness.


This jacket is 20 euros at the H & M webshop at the sale. I love the fringes on the back. It's kind of a cowboy jacket. Really cool. The price was 39,95 euros at first. Own it.

This one looks great as well, just slightly unique because it doesn't have the fringes. This one is 25 euros in the sale at the H & M webshop.

I don't have a jacket in this color yet ;). Want!

I love the color but I don't think the size is very flattering. It's too long and at the same time too short!

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