Monday, November 4, 2013


Today H & M had a wonderful action again. 50 % discount on a couple of items.

I saw this lovely white sweater for 9,95 euros (normally 19,95 euros). Again a kind of 'Indian style' sweater, with the fringes at the top.  And for such a small price, I had no choice but to order. Plus, I used another discount of 25 % and I managed to get the sweater for only 7,46 euros. Talk about cheap!

I'm not that sure of this sweater just yet. It looks very different and that's what I like about this sweater. Not sure of this sweater is my style though. I just have to wait and see I guess! This sweater was 9,95 euros as well (normal price is 19,95 euros). I payed 17,31 euros including the forwarding charges. Which means I payed less than one sweater would normally cost. Great action H & M!

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