Monday, November 18, 2013


My mom had an amazing surprise for me today. When I came home she said: "I really hope you'll like it". What was the surprise? A polkadot blazer from a secondhand store (kringloop for the Dutch people)! De Kringloop is basically a secondhand store but much cheaper (though it sometimes depends) and you (normally) don't get any money for the junk/old stuff you turn in. In that way it's different than the usual secondhand store. They also don't care whether it's H & M or Gucci. And they also sell furniture, dvd's (most of them don't sell VHS anymore) and just about everything.


My mom saw this blazer and she knows I'm totally in love with polkadot at the moment. She didn't know for sure I would like it, but luckily she took a chance and she was right. I was so happy when I saw the blazer. It's from the H & M Divided collection. It's a size 34 but the tag from the secondhand store said S. The blazer is a bit short, just like my red blazer of the Divided collection from the H & M. It was 12,50 euros. So not that cheap for a secondhand store, but it's cheap for a blazer.  

Finally a outside post again! My sister M. took this picture on a Saturday and I had the day off from work. Time for outfits pictures! It was a bit chilly, but the pictures are so much better and nicer when they're outside. You can also see my new ankle boots. I also paired this outfit with my dark green blouse from the H & M and tregging.