Saturday, November 23, 2013


I went shopping with my mother in Lelystad today. I had the day off from work and I actually had to work on something for school. But I just wanted to relax for a little bit. So we went to the H & M in Lelystad. The H & M there is really small and I couldn't find something I like, unfortunately. I ended up buying new clothes though, just not from the H & M. And I visited a store where I haven't been in years, the New Yorker. I used to come there a lot, but after a while I didn't like the clothes anymore. Then I saw a blogger wearing something really cute from the New Yorker and I decided I wanted to take a look myself.

When I was on my way to the New Yorker, I saw a poster with a model who was wearing this amazing coat. I immediately went inside, saw the gorgeous coat and it was in my size as well! I couldn't take it off anymore, I had to buy it or I would regret it forever. It was 49,95 euros. Not that expensive for a coat! It's not warm enough for winter, when it's really freezing. But it's good enough for now with a scarf.

I just love the trend coat/blouse with fake leather sleeves. I have my green coat,
but the beige one was on my wishlist as well. Even though I liked the green one better and it goes better with my skin tone. But this coat is a bit darker than the beige one. So it goes better with my skin tone. I love it.

I love me some checkered blouse. I probably have too much already, but they look so cute with a blazer, without a blazer or underneath a sweater. The blouse was 16,95 euros. Totes worth it, because it looks amazing.

I bought this blouse at C & A. Again, a checkered blouse! This was initially 14,90 euros, but it was one sale. There was a 40 % discount, so that meant I got a 5,96 euros. The blouse was only 8,94 euros in the end. The blouses do look different, especially if you compare the pictures next to each other. And almost 9 euros for a blouse is so cheap!

I also bought a legging at the C & A, for 7,90 euros. I went to the Scapino as well, to look for some cute shoes. I found some, but alas, they were too small and unfortunately they weren't available in a bigger size. Boo! Especially because the ankle boots had fringes and I want ankle boots with fringes so bad! Even though I already have a lot of ankle boots at the moment, but they're always so easy and chic.