Wednesday, May 21, 2014


As someone who regularly checks several websites (especially H & M) for the sale, I always find it exciting to discover new items. Especially if the particular clothing piece is nice, as well as the price. The items I ordered at H & M aren't new in the sale, but they were sold out most of the time.

 This cute T-shirt with polkadot was only € 5 instead of € 9,95. It has lace and polkadot, so naturally I had to order it.

Because I don't own enough treggings at the moment, I ordered a new one. This floral tregging is now only € 5 instead of € 14,95. My tregging with hearts is now € 5 as well.


This short wasn't from H & M and I didn't buy it in the sale. It's from C & A and it was only € 9,90.