Monday, December 2, 2013


What better way to start a month with a shopping trip? I went to Utrecht with my sister M and I found some things I really liked. Follow me behind the cut, because I have a ton of pictures for you guys (though I didn't buy everything I pictured because I would've been bankrupt and some things weren't as nice as they seemed.)

The first thing I bought was a pink sweater at C & A for 14,90 euros. One could argue that A) I already own a pink sweater and B) it's not that my closet has a shortage of sweaters at the moment. But you can also argue like I did: sweaters are nice and cozy and pink is such a cute color. Besides, it was only 14,90 euros. So did I really need this? Yeah, kinda. 


 Plus, this sweater is different than my other pink sweater. Both have buttons on it, but this one has buttons on the back. Cool right? It was kinda right of the C & A to have so many cool things, because I was in a hurry. I had an appointment (that's why I went to Utrecht) and I thought let's take a quick look at the C & A. Just in case... Wrong! I ended up becoming slightly too late. I should've gone back later to the C & A after I saw so many cute things.

There are two H & M's in Utrecht  (well, five actually but one is just for men, another is a lot further away and apparently I didn't see number 4. Shit, I almost walked by number 4. I have to remember that one for the next time). I didn't succeed at the first one before my appointment, but I went to a another one after my appointment (thanks modern technology for Google Maps, though you could've mentioned the other one Google). And luckily I didn't leave the store without a shiny H & M bag. I bought this cute beige top with a black bow from the Divided collection. It was 14,95 euros.

I had an grey oversized turtleneck sweaters years ago, which was also from the H & M. I loved that sweater, it was so warm and nice with red boots. I eventually had to throw it away, because there were holes in the sweater. But I enjoyed wearing the turtleneck so much that I had to buy this black over sized turtleneck sweater. It was 10 euros, originally 19,95 euros. Great price in my opinion.

I also bought this black skater skirt. I was so happy I saw the skirt in the store, because my order was delayed and would probably be delivered in January. Plus now I can cancel my order and I don't have to pay forwarding charges. It was 14,95 euros but I used a 15 % discount coupon. I still had one from October 13, when I went to Almere and bought a ton but also brought a ton of old clothes to recycle. I'm not that sure about the size though. But guess what? I'm going shopping again tomorrow! This time with a friend. I like it, but my bank account doesn't!

Now let's move on to the things I tried on, but didn't buy.

This blazer was very big and I think 20 euros? It's blue and cute, but so damn big.

This black blazer was big as well. It's has studs on the shoulders. 

I kinda liked it, but didn't love it. It was 20 euros and on sale. But I already own two black blazers. 

This blouse was not on sale. It was 19,95 euros. Very cute, but the back looked a bit funny. It was a little bit puffy so it looked weird.

 The pictures don't really show it though. Cute for Christmas if you don't wanna wear a dress.

I tried this sweater before, on October 13. It was only 9,95 euros, just a basic blue sweater. But the color looked amazing. I already had enough items so I didn't buy it. The sweater wasn't in my size in Utrecht. The sleeves were way too long in the bigger size, though it doesn't look too big near the waist. 

Those were the things I tried in the first H & M. 

These are the things I tried on in C & A. This sweater was so cute but so big. The picture is deceiving, because you can't really tell. But in real live I could've used it for camping. It was 24,95 euros.

I think this sweater was 20 euros. Nothing special, but this was the second thing I grabbed. I was still thinking these were the only two things I would try on. I was wrong.

This white top was on sale. I like the print, but the bottom looked ugly. Kinda looked like a waist band. I didn't like it (the bottom).

Jeans dresses remind me so much of my childhood. I was in love with them when I was young. Not sure how I feel about this one. It was on sale. The original price was 20 euros.

I liked this one until I tried it on. It has a weird looking apron at the front. You can see a little flap below my hand. Really weird. It was 14,90 euros.

I wanted to buy this blouse but it was too big at my back. Boo! Only 14,90 euros.

 My pink sweater in grey. I like this one as well, but the pink stands out because of the color. This one was 14,90 euros as well.

This nice potato sack was on sale as well. The picture says enough I think.

Second H & M store. They didn't disappoint! I love this sweater, it's from the Divided collection and it was 24,95 euros. Didn't buy it because I already had some things. Kinda regret it now.

I really like trying on oversized things don't I?

I don't think I would use a white tent for camping though.

Fluffy sweater! I really want one (but I want everything, so just forget about this comment) but I'm not sure if I can pull it off and if it's my style. This sweater was from Divided as well and 19,95 euros.

I wrote several times I need a black basic top and this one was 9,95 euros. But the sleeves were so long I didn't buy it. 


 If you told me several months ago I would buy skirt and dresses I would've laughed in your face. Not because I hate them, I just didn't feel comfortable wearing them. But now I would wear them and I would feel comfortable. I love this blue polkadot dress, it's from Divided as well and was 17,95 euros. I didn't buy it because I felt I got a huge stomach. But I really want to buy it.


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