Friday, December 6, 2013


Perhaps you already spotted the orange/black/yellow sweater in another shoplog. Yes, it's new! I went to town with my mom, hadn't been there in a while so I wanted to take a quick look. I went to the C & A but bought nothing but a black basic top. It was 7,90 euros. A basic black top with long sleeves always comes in handy.

I saw nothing at Vero Moda, but I wanted to take a quick peak at Takko Fashion. I bought a nice sweater and blouse over there, so I thought I might find something cute again. And I did!

When I entered the store, this beauty immediately caught my eye. These colors aren't something I would usually wear. That's why I liked. The colors are so amazing! They remind me of fall, not my favorite season, but the trees and leaves can look so amazing during autumn! The sweater is very warm and was only 12,99 euros.

I liked the grey/black/white one as well. I already mentioned a couple of times I have the tendencies to buy things in different colors. But for 12,99 euros I couldn't leave it hanging in the store!